ASIA/HOLY LAND - Olive harvest has begun in Gethsemane

Jerusalem - The olive harvest in the garden of Gestsemani began on Saturday, October 17 and will last at least one week. As usual, even this year the Franciscan friars, guardian of the Sacred Garden where Jesus prayed on Holy Thursday, invited the people of Jerusalem and volunteers from every part of the world to spend a few hours or an entire day to olive picking.
The people who participate in this year's collection - report official organs of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land and the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem - belong to 15 different nationalities.
The Mount of Olives has some centenary olive trees, characterized by the fact of sharing the same DNA. This common connotation suggests that the mother plant from which the existing trees were born may have been part of the olive grove where Jesus withdrew to pray at the beginning of his Passion.
The olive harvest - which this year will be particularly abundant - will be sent to the Abbey of Latrun, where the oil will be produced which will then be sold and used by the monks and the religious communities in the Holy Land, and sent as a holy oil to the parishes of the Latin Patriarchate and shrines scattered throughout the world.