Archbishop Lacroix: Church must "attract and invite"

2012-03-03 Vatican Radio

Dioceses around the world are preparing for the upcoming Year of Faith, which will focus on the New Evangelization. The year will focus on how to present the Gospel in areas which were once strongly Christian. One such area is the Canadian province of Quebec, which was once seen as the Catholic bedrock of North America. However, in recent years, it has become more and more secular.

Last year, Quebec City received a new Archbishop, Gérald Lacroix, who has been using modern means of communication, like Facebook and Twitter, to evangelize.

“What I really enjoy in these new social media is to be in contact with people who are outside our doors and outside our parishes,” he told Vatican Radio. “I have seen also through these social media that when I invite to a special encounter - special meeting, special event - people answer…I think it is a wonderful way to enter into dialogue.”

He also wears a fishhook on his lapel, which he told us is a symbol of his mission.

“Jesus said to Peter, ‘I will make you a fisher of men’. That’s my full time job. Bringing people to Christ,” he said. “It’s not a fisherman’s net, because with a fisherman’s net you catch fish. With a hook you have to tease it and you have to attract it. I think that’s what a Christian should be out in the world…We have to attract people and invite them to meet our saving Lord.”

Listen to full interview by Sean-Patrick Lovett with Archbishop Lacroix: