AMERICA/MEXICO - The priest attacked in the Cathedral is still in serious condition

Mexico City - The Archdiocese of Mexico published a statement on the health conditions of Father José Miguel Machorro Alcalá, 55, stabbed while celebrating Mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral on Monday, May 15 .
According to the medical report of May 17, sent to Fides, "the priest’s entire right part of the body is paralysed as a result of the injury to the left side of the brain caused by the severe haemorrhage that he suffered".
On the morning of May 18, another medical report informs that "the neurological condition unfortunately has deteriorated and there is a lack of blood flow".
Regarding the aggressor, the Attorney General of Mexico City informed that at the time of his arrest he said his name was John Rockschild and is of French origin, while his real name is Juan René Silva Martinez, and is originally from Matehuala, San Luis Potosí. It seems that Silva Martinez, 26, suffers from a psychotic disorder and is unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality.