AMERICA/CHILE-The solidarity of the religious population of Aysen, while dialogue starts again

Santiago (Agenzia Fides) - The Confederation of thr Religious in Chile has expressed that "the movement of Aysen belongs to all of Chile, and especially to the honest and peaceful people, who are now tired of being victims of such injustice." In the text of the statement, sent to Fides, it says: "We want to join the chain of solidarity that grows every day in support of the brothers and sisters of the Aysen Region. We know that it is nothing new, but it is the sum of many decisions where the forgotten ones are always the most damaged". The document, published yesterday, expresses full support to the Bishop of Aysen, Mgr. Luis Infanti de la Mora, who with his motto "Your problem is my problem" has made the situation of Aysen a national issue. The population of Aysen has long been exasperated by the lack of response from the state, to its requests for infrastructure, subsidies for small and medium businesses, better working conditions ... to the point of organizing public protests that have led to clashes with thepolice (see Fides 23/2/2012, 3/3/2012). The statement of the religious Chileans continues: "We are outraged by what happens in Aysen and we denounce any kind of violent action against the citizens, any denial of the exercise of peaceful dialogue. We are opposed to any enforcement of laws (anti-terrorism, national security, for example) that have nothing to do with these problems". The text concludes with a note of hope: "It is possible to build the great 'table for all', listening to the other and demonstrating empathy for the weaker brethren." Regarding the situation in Aysen, only last night dialogue started again for separate committees. The government has declared its intention to adopt a series of measures in the area, although it was not able to conclude the dialogue with the social movements of Aysen. The leaders of the movements do not want to be divided because there are still many requests from the population that must be taken into consideration: health services, the price of fuel, public education, taxes, trade, etc.. The minister of energy, Rodrigo Alvarez, anticipated yesterday that we are preparing measures that deal with transport services, manufacturing and other small businessess. Bishop Infanti, Apostolic Vicar of Aysen, three days ago went to Government House, in the capital, where he met with the Minister Secretary General of the Presidency, Cristián Larroulet, in order to ask for the willingness to talk about the demands made by the Social Movements in the area, and denying that there is "political activism" on their part. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 15/3/2012)