AFRICA/EGYPT - Reaffirmed the right of Christian workers to start work later on Sundays

Cairo - A legal ruling has reaffirmed the right of Christian workers to start work at 10 on Sundays, in order to allow them to participate in the Sunday Eucharistic liturgy. This was reported by Coptic sources consulted by Agenzia Fides.
The law regarding reduced working hours on Sundays for Christian civil servants had already been recognized by resolution 244 of 1960. But in recent times, the managers of many companies and government offices had begun to reject the fact of allowing Christian workers, who appealed to civil justice, to start work later.
In recent days, with resolution no. 20195 of 2015, Judge Mohammed Salim reiterated that all offices and public companies - including schools – have to allow Christian employees to start work later on Sundays.