AFRICA/EGYPT - After jihadist threats, the closure of Coptic monasteries for security reasons has been denied

Cairo - Historical Coptic monasteries in Wadi Natrun region will not suffer any closure for security reasons, after the jihadist threats aimed in particular against the monastery to Baramos, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. To refute the rumors about a possible "closure" of the Coptic monasteries was monk Sarabamun, of the monastery of Anba Bishoy.
Jihadi threats, according to local sources consulted by Agenzia Fides, were accompanied by information about the location and structure of the monastery, already subjected to consistent protection measures by the Egyptian police. The Egyptian security forces have repeatedly assured that the level of protection regarding churches and Coptic monasteries will be raised to the highest level, on the occasion of the upcoming holiday season. But the assurances do not convince Yussif Malak, lawyer and director of the Egyptian Center for Human Rights, according to whom no safety device, despite the seriousness of terrorist threats has been activated in the churches in Alexandria.