A personal memoir of Pope Paul VI on anniversary of his death

2012-08-06 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) This week marks the 34th anniversary of the death of Pope Paul VI who died on August 6th, 1978 after reigning for 15 years. He presided over a momentous period in the history of the Church, in particular carrying through the reforms of the Second Vatican Council which had been convened by his predecessor, John XXIII. One person who had the opportunity to observe closely the figure of Pope Paul VI was the veteran journalist Bob Miller who spent over 20 years in Rome as correspondent for ABC news. In the following interview from our archives, Miller spoke to Jill Bevilacqua about the personality of what he called a "misunderstood and underrated" Pope."

Listen to the extended interview with journalist Bob Miller that begins with a recording of Pope Paul VI speaking in English: