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Mass at Santa Marta- Ode to joy

Joy and hope are Christian traits. It is sad to find a believer who knows no joy, fearful in his attachment to cold doctrine. This ...

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Pontifical Acts - 28 March

Rinuncia e successione del Vescovo di Makurdi (Nigeria) - Il Santo Padre Francesco ha accettato la rinuncia al governo pastorale della diocesi di Makurdi (Nigeria), presentata ...

Pontifical Acts - 26 March

Vatican City, 26 March 2015 (VIS) – Today the Holy Father: - erected the eparchy of St. John Chrysostom of Gurgaon of the Syro-Malankars, India, appointing Bishop ...

Pontifical Acts - 25 March

XIV ASSEMBLEA GENERALE ORDINARIA DEL SINODO DEI VESCOVI. Elenco dei Membri e dei Sostituti eletti dagli Organismi aventi diritto ratificati dal Santo Padre in data ...

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  • For the Synod on the family, more prayer, less chatter
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  • Pope Francis General Audience 2015.03.25
  • Angelus Domini 2015.03.22
  • Pope Francis naples visit: meeting with the youth - 2015.03.21
  • Pope Francis Naples visit: Meeting with the clergy - 2015.03.21
  • Pope Francis Naples visit: Holy Mass - 2015.03.21
  • Pope: The path of evil robs us of hope
  • Pope Francis meets with People of the Rione Scampia (Naples) - 2015.03.21
  • Pope Francis Naples visit: Prayer at the Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary - 2015.03.21

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March 28, 2015